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    Vocal Alchemy & Activation • Sophology Womb Wisdom Temple • Shamanic Earth Medicine • Gaia Sophia Wisdom


  • "The voice is our strongest healing instrument."

    Journeys of Vocal Alchemical Awakening, Honouring Plant & Crystal Realms as Wisdom Keepers, Dreamtime Work, Cleansing Intuitive Channels, Navigating & Weaving with the Akashic Records, Somatic Meditative Movement & Tribal Soul Dance, Ancient Womb Wisdom Mysteries: Unveiled, Shamanic Wisdom Embodiment, Ancestral Awareness & Ceremony.

  • Offerings

    A Return to Mu, Kauai - Retreat & Facilitator Training

    June 11th 2020 on Kauai, Hawaii

    Our first entry point into the world of Matter. We are created by the Sound, we are created by the song of the universe! Have you dreamed of using your passion, creativity & expression to sustain your dreams? Have a calling to give voice to that Spirit of the Earth? Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training teaches how to clear your energy to shine your light and offer your mystic creativity as a service in the world. Whether Solo, 1-on-1, Group or Concert, learn to activate your unique codes & frequency as a Certified Sonic Love Alchemist!

    Andara Yoni Egg Training

    4-week Online Alchemical Womb Immersion!

    Join Amma Sophia Rose with the launch of the first ever Andara Yoni Egg™ Teachings of Mu. A 4-week journey deep diving in to the wisdom of healing the Divine Union within. Reclaim Sovereignty, Abundance and Freedom through practices developed over 15 years of Shamanic Womb Oracle experience.


    Learn the alchemy of the 4 Volcanic Obsidian Andara Yoni Eggs™ Isis Auset Cobalt of Sovereignty, Shaman Christos Brown of Divine Masculine, Gaia Green Stone of Abundance and Aqua Lemuria of Vocal Awakening & Sonoluminessence.



  • Vibrational Medicine

    Activating Conscious Creator Frequency

    ࿓ Sonic Healing - Ancient Alignment

    • Our reality is created from the union of light & frequency. Being conscious of the vibrations we ingest is key to a harmonious Life.
    • Sound and frequency is everything from entertainment to surgical tools.
    • Applying ancient wisdom of how sound navigates our physical bodies is an invaluable tool for growth individually and planetary. 

    ࿓ Light Codes - Cosmic Frequency in Form

    • Cosmic Light ~ becoming aware of galactic codes that we have agreed upon (with or without consent) affecting this timeline. Creating a bridge to activate and rearrange our Life, guided from the Divine Heart.

    ࿓ Conscious Creators - Life as Art, Celebration & Ceremony

    • Claim the right to be the creator & artist of your reality.
    • We have a deep responsibility for our life. As we claim this responsibility and release victimhood, we open the space to create the Life of our Dreams. 
  • Sonic Bowl Alchemy

    Finest Quality Monatomic™ Crystal Singing Bowls


    Whether for Meditation, Sound Therapy, Group Journey, Live Concert Performance, Vocal Coaching, Spiritual Work or Sacred Pilgrimage we offer high frequency professionally tuned Crystal Singing Bowls & Instruments that are always ethically sourced.

    Goddess Grails

    Genetic Key Code Alchemy

    Andara Alchemy™

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    Sacred Space

    Group Ceremony

    Sound Healing

    Shamanic Arts

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