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Cosmic Mother ⋆ Creation Symbol ⋆ Goddess Grail Chrystal Singing Bowl





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༻Creation of Heaven on Earth

The Star of David (intersecting triangles) is the mergence of duality, male and female aspects ~ a frequency of Balance. Flower of Life, Kabbalah, Merkabah, the vehicle of consciousness transference in the holographic universe. A geometric aspect of the sacred blueprints of Creation ~ matter ascending with Spirit. 


A living, multidimensional mandala.

Gaze upon the center point beginning with the 4 directions.

The fusion of elements, vortexing and expanding outwards, manifesting Creation.

Sacred Geometrics, Ancient Weaving, Galactic Connection, Organic Rhythms of the Natural World.

The Kingdom of Heaven embodied upon Earth, through the consciousness of the Light, Soul, Christ Consciousness.


Cosmic Mother (Black Madonna)

Opening to your body and soul to Sophia Shekina wisdom. Purifying into innocence.


⋆ Cosmic Light Mother

Activating the sacred womb and sacral center. Balancing all chakras into joy and love.


6" Crystal Chalice starting at $777

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