• The Goddess is Rising

    Ancient Awakening

    Since ancient times, women have prayed, danced and sung in ritual celebration – invoking energies of the Universe, manifesting beauty, opening portals to subtle realms, and transmitting blessings through their bodies. Journey to the sacred temples of Egypt, in tandem with a powerful group of 21st century mystical priestesses, to activate light codes of remembrance. This is a pilgrimage of sister souls who have incarnated at this time to connect wombs, hearts and minds for collective healing and in deep service.



    "For every woman is a Priestess. A warrior spirit, wielding the sword of wisdom's mysteries. She need not ask permission to ignite her power. To embody her inner Isis. Every woman is a purveyor of ritual transformation. A sacred portal. Able to cut cords. Shed skins. Face the fire. Dance with truth. Walk beauty's way. And hold space for others to do the same." ~ Monika Nataraj



    We are here to support your quest, answer questions and guide you through the registration process. Kindly write directly to sherisesegypt@gmail.com and our dedicated Egyptophile Lori will be in enthusiastic communication.

    Let's download and upload the goddess goodness together! We ARE the ones we have been waiting for.


    What to Expect?

    We've carefully crafted a customized itinerary to maximize temple time throughout Egypt, as well as to leave space for specialized rituals and practices personally led by Ida Resi, Amma Sophia and Monika. This is one of the most comprehensive 2-week sacred sites Egypt tour available today. Plus we're offering this pilgrimage within the highest luxury conditions we could conjure ... fit for a queen! There will be additional surprises and activities not listed here, so know this is going to be a HER-STORIC, holistic, sensory & consciousness awakening, epic journey! Think star-lit dance rituals, cosmic temple voice activations, water blessings, mantra initiations, womb work, purification ceremonies, shamanic journeys, mystical bellydancing along the Nile and in the desert, goddess movement mornings, storytelling, chanting, folkloric dance circles, themed meditations, integrative writing exercises, sharing circles, empowerments, and yes, more!

    The energies of Egypt are intense. You are asked to tune into your need for rest and to pace yourself accordingly. There are no mandatory events and sometimes you may prefer to retreat to your room or the pool rather than participate in the scheduled excursions. We will be tuning into the eternal wisdom of these cosmic portals and activating subtle "codes". Simply by being part of the group field, you will receive the blessings and insights of the land and what your soul has called you to Egypt for. Please don't feel overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of what is offered on this journey. You are supported in following your flow.



  • Shakti Activation Journey


    A 2 week all inclusive, 5 star deluxe accommodation, Nile cruise, private temple time, once-in-a-lifetime transformational journey


    She Rises goes beyond spiritual tourism and self-development. It's for women who have heard the profound call to unite in purpose and prayer. The three facilitators ~ Amma Sophia Rose, Monika Nataraj and special guest Ida Resi Alit, High Priestess of Bali ~ are humbly honoured to share ceremonial space and hold the container for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Join us as we explore spiritual magic, forgotten feminine secrets, and ritual grace guiding our exclusive dive into the mysteries of Egypt. Allow Her infinite gifts to ascend within, revealing your unique life's purpose and catalyzing each woman's authentic, multi-faceted priestess presence.


    A reclamation of the feminine spirit embodied in Love. This journey of a lifetime invites you to reclaim the inner Sanctuary of the Priestess in her fullest expression as living Sacred holy Art.

    guided by three highly experienced Priestesses of Love representing India Monika Nataraj, Ida Resi Alit Bali High Priestess and Amma Sophia Rose Priestess of Sophia.


    This journey's primary focus is on remembering your authentic expression as the feminine embodiment of love. a Priestess of the heart. The world is in one of greatest transformation points in Herstory and we have the power to rise from the old world systems and teach our children a new way of being.


    Calling forth women of all ages to sing, dance and meditate once again for the unification of all humanity to live once again in harmony with the way of the Goddess.




  • Meet Your Guides

    Monika Nataraj

    Shakti Ritual Mystic

    Amma Sophia Rose

    Sonic Love Medicine Woman

    Ida Resi Alit

    Bali High Priestess

  • Accommodation

    S.S May Flower

    We the majestic Nile river between Luxor and Aswan aboard the Mayflower cruise. A journey & experience of true luxury.

    Suites & Verandas

    Indulge in the sweet life aboard M.S. Mayflower and discover grandeur elegance set off by regal accommodation, succulent flavours, a flair of fun and exciting night time celebrations. Cruise past the rich history and timeless beauty of Egypt on M.S. Mayflower.

  • What is Included?


    • DELUXE LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATION, double occupancy (single supplement is available) 6-nights at  Le Meridien Pyramids, Giza and 7-nights on our super-deluxe Nile Cruise 
    • MEALS: All freshly prepared meals -- breakfast, lunch and dinner during the course of the journey, beginning with dinner on November 13 and concluding with breakfast on November 26.  Dietary restrictions can be accommodated. 
    • WATER: Two bottles of drinking water provided daily.  (Other beverages are additional.)
    • TRANSPORTATION within EGYPT, including internal flights and private tour buses

    What is Not Included?


    • Airfare to and from Egypt
    • Beverages
    • Excess baggage weight above the 30 KGs allowed on the internal flights in Egypt
    • Special photography passes sometimes required at specific sites 
    • Optional Hot Air Balloon Ride ($100 USD)
    • Additional activities you chose to engage in independent of the group
    • Personal tips and shopping
    • Personal medical and travel insurance

    What is The Investment?


    $4,850 USD Early Bird if deposit is received by July 30 (EXTENDED)


    $5,100 USD if deposit is received by August 30 (EXTENDED)


    $5,300 USD for reservations from September 1st onwards


    DEPOSIT is $3,000 USD.

    Balance is due by October 1st.


    Inquire about refund policy and payment methods.


    Single Supplement for rooms at Le Meridien Pyramids and on the Nile Cruise is $50 USD per night. Please note that only 10 shared spots (double occupancy, no additional fees) are available on the Nile Cruise. Once these 10 spaces/5 rooms are filled, single rooms (which are actually a total boon on a Nile journey) will only be offered, with the additional fee payable with the final balance.

    How do I enroll? Who do I contact for information and support?

    Please write directly to SHERISESEGYPT@gmail.com

    We would be honored to journey with you, on this collective trajectory of the feminine heart, in service to the greater good and for the benefit of all beings. We recognize that this is a significant investment for everyone -- time, funds, energy, focus -- and we want to ensure this pilgrimage is in full alignment with you. Feel encouraged to reach out to sherisesegypt@gmail.com with any questions. We trust that the Great Mother has already formed and empowered the constellation of sisters meant for this particular pilgrimage. We open our arms to welcome you home to both the inner and outer temple!

    Note: Enrolment in She Rises Egypt is limited to 22 participants, plus our group facilitators. Registration is handled through a first-come, first-served basis and will conclude when the slots are filled, so apply soon to ensure your participation.

  • Day-to-Day Itinerary

    ࿓ Day 1: November 13

    Arrival at Cairo Airport. Our representative will assist you with your visa, luggage, and transfer to the hotel -- Le Merdien Pyramids in Giza. Gathering for introductions and an outline of our tour. Dinner at the hotel. Magical Opening Ceremony.


    ࿓ Day 2: November 14

    Camel ride to the solar cross. Visit the Pyramids, Sphinx, and Giza Plateau. (*Private time* in the Sphinx and Great Pyramid!) Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    ࿓ Day 3: November 15

    Breakfast and early checkout. Fly to Aswan, check in at the Mayfair Nile Cruise and visit El Phantian Island (Khanum Temple and Aswan panorama). Details of our seven-night super-deluxe Nile Cruise here. Private Floka and lunch on board. Sailing and dinner on board.


    ࿓ Day 4: November 16

    Breakfast and sailing to Komombo. Free morning after breakfast and optional mystical activities for our group. Lunch on board. After lunch visit Edfu Temple by horse carriage. Back to Nile, cruise sail to Luxor. Dinner on board.


    ࿓ Day 5: November 17

    Breakfast. We will visit the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Memnon, and Habu Temple. Hathor Temple. After stop at the alabaster handmade factory. Nefertari tomb (The $60 USD per person extra payment for Nefertari tomb is covered, no additional fee.) (There is also an opportunity for an optional Hot Air Ballon ride with an additional $100 USD paid individually.) Lunch and dinner on board.


    ࿓ Day 6: November 18

    Breakfast. Visit Abidose Temple. Lunch at a local restaurant with fresh food. Visit Dendera Temple Complex: Hathor Temple, Temple of the birth of Isis. Dinner on board.


    ࿓ Day 7: November 19

    Breakfast. Visit Karnak Temples and Chapel of Sekhmet. Visit Mut’s Temple. Lunch. Papyrus Museum and visit to Luxor Temple. Sail back to Komombo.


    ࿓ Day 8: November 20

    Breakfast and free morning to enjoy the river sailing. Continued ceremony, vocal activation and movement prayers led on the boat. Lunch on board. After lunch visit Komombo Temple. After dinner, evening Galabeya Party on the cruise.


    ࿓ Day 9: 21 November

    Breakfast. Visit Philae (Isis Temple) and the Old Gate Unfinished Obelisk. Lunch. Dinner on board. Evening Sound & Light show.


    ࿓ Day 10: November 22

    Breakfast. Check out. Visit Abu Simbel Temples. Fly back to Cairo, check in at Le Merdien Pyramids. Dinner at hotel.


    ࿓ Day 11: November 23

    Visit Meidum Pyramids (Note: we also have a private conference room at Le Merdien for special ritual activities.) Visit Al Amir Oil Place.


    ࿓ Day 12: November 24

    Private time at Abu Ghurab Pyramids, the Altar, the Isis Temple, and the Sun Temple. Private Ceremony at the sacred sites. Evening mystery celebration in the desert.


    ࿓ Day 13: November 25

    Visit the Step Pyramid at Sakkara, Onas Pyramid, and the tombs. Lunch. Visit the Memphis Dahshur (red, black, and bent pyramids). Dinner at hotel. Closing Ceremony.


    ࿓ Day 14: November 26

    Breakfast. Transfer to airport. Depart Cairo.


    ࿓ Itinerary is subject to change

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