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    Vocal Alchemy & Activation • Womb Temple • Earth Medicine

    Sophology • Shamanic Reconnection •

    Gaia Sophia Wisdom • Sonic Medicine




  • "The voice is our strongest healing instrument."

    Journeys of Vocal Alchemical Awakening, Honouring Plant & Crystal Realms as Wisdom Keepers, Dreamtime Work, Cleansing Intuitive Channels, Navigating & Weaving with the Akashic Records, Somatic Meditative Movement & Tribal Soul Dance, Ancient Womb Wisdom Mysteries: Unveiled, Shamanic Wisdom Embodiment, Ancestral Awareness & Ceremony.

  • Upcoming Events

    Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training

    Bali, May 23 - June 3 2019

    (5 Day Immersion Only or Full 12 Day Facilitator Training)


    -Learn how to facilitate Shamanic Journey into Dreamtime

    -Open the Channels to be a clear conduit for your Divine

    -Connect with Sophia mythos & indigenous dream weaving

    -Learn how to facilitate Sonic Love Alchemy

    -Learn how to access the Akashic Records

    -How to unlock & express your Soul Songs

    -Vocal Alchemy Awakening and Training

    -Craft Shamanic tools & instruments

    -Align your voice with Nature

    -Embody your Sovereignty

    & much much more magic!

    Sophology Womb Temple™

    Womb & Vocal Activation Yoni Herbal Steam

    Bali May 1 st / 10am - 6pm $55usd


    This Immersive Day Workshop includes

    ❥ Vocal & Womb Awakening

    ❥ Yoni Steam Womb Purification

    ❥ Isis Blue Lotus Ceremony

    ❥ Womb Wisdom and Kuan Yin Puja


    EMAIL: Shamangelica@gmail.com


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  • Vibrational Medicine

    Activating Conscious Frequency

    Sonic Healing - Ancient Alignment

    • Our reality is created from the union of light & frequency. Being conscious of the vibrations we ingest is key to a harmonious Life.
    • Sound and frequency is everything from entertainment to surgical tools.
    • Applying ancient wisdom of how sound navigates our physical bodies is an invaluable tool for growth individually and planetary. 

    Light Codes - Cosmic Frequency in Form

    • Cosmic Light ~ becoming aware of galactic codes that we have agreed upon (with or without consent) affecting this timeline. Creating a bridge to activate and rearrange our Life, guided from the Divine Heart.

    Conscious Creators - Life as Art, Celebration & Ceremony

    • Claim the right to be the creator & artist of your reality.
    • We have a deep responsibility for our life. As we claim this responsibility and release victimhood, we open the space to create the Life of our Dreams. 
  • Sonic Bowl Alchemy

    Monatomic Etherium Activated Crystal Singing Bowls

    ~ Diamond Light Encoded ~

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