• New Immersion Dates

    Week 1
    Sonic Love Alchemy™ Akashic Awakening: Intro to SLA (Prerequisite to all SLA Trainings)
    September 10th - 16th, 2020
    Week 2
    Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training: Level 1
    September 19th - 25th, 2020
    Week 3
    Sophology™ Women's Womb Wisdom Training: Level 1
    September 28th - Oct 4th, 2020


    Each module is 7 days with 2 days integrations between.

    Each day is 9am - 6pm filled with teachings and experiential learning.

    Daily Trainings will be held at a Private Location on the North Shore of Kauai

    Week 1 Akashic Awakening (Sonic Alchemist Intro) is required prerequisite to all trainings.

  • A Return to Mu Kauai


    Our first sonic entry point into the world of Matter

  • Become a Sonic Love Alchemist

    Have you dreamed of using Sound & Creativity to elevate planetary energy?

    Akashic Sound Awakening

    Week 1 Only


    September 10th - 16th, 2020

    The Sonic Vision Quest is a prelude to all Sonic Love Alchemy and Sophology Teachings. A journey to deep dive and unlock ancestral blocks, express authentic and beauty!



    Sonic Alchemist Facilitator Training

    Week 1 & 2


    September 19th - 25th, 2020

    Amma Sophia Rose will guide you with her 15+ years experience as a shamanic mystic, teaching how to confidently hold an Alchemical Sonic Container of Love, Transformation and Beauty.



    Sophology Women's Immersion 2020

    Week 3

    Previous SLA™ Training required


    September 28th - Oct 4th, 2020

    This is a shamanic immersion into the world of feminine wisdom and practices from the lineage of Mu.

    Women Red Tent Training

    Previous SLA™ Training required




    Mu Kauai 2020

    Full 3 Week Training


    September 10th - Oct 4th, 2020

    This is the whole package to embody your 5D Sonic Love Alchemist.

    - Sound Akashic Awakening

    - Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training

    - Sophology™ Women's Training



  • Payment Plans Available

  • Payment Plan #1

    1 Week Akashic Awakening | 2020 Kauai

  • Payment Plan #2

    2 Week Facilitator Training | 2020 Kauai

  • Payment Plan #3

    3 Week Women's Facilitator Training | 2020 Kauai