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    Private Readings & Ceremony with Amma Sophia Rose

    Internationally renown clairvoyant, Sonic Alchemist, Oracle & Medicine Woman. She shares direct transmissions from the Heart of Cosmic Gaia Sophia. She honours the wisdom of Gaia and embraces the sacred flow of nature's sacred creations. She has studied with many Indigenous peoples of different traditions bringing the wisdom of the Sonic Rainbow Grandmother. She has the gift of the sacred song line chants and creates a vibrational field of love through sacred sound healing journeys. She teaches vocal awakening of the womb to create soundscapes of enchantment and transmutation. Awakening the voice with Crystal bowls and instruments. She is a transformational breathwork teacher, movement meditation facilitator and Creator of Sonic Love Alchemy, Mystery School of Sound, Light and Shamanic Breathing. She is founder of Sonic Bowl Alchemy™ Specializing in unique Monoatomic Andara Chrystal, Genetic Key Code Alchemy™ bowls.

    Private Session ~ Diamond Light Activation & Soul Reading

    via Skype/Call/In-Person

    $222USD 1.5hr


    Cosmic Sophia Awakening

    In-Person Only

    Starting at $333USD

    Diamond Light Activation & Akashic Soul Reading


    Amma Sophia Rose delivers an in-depth Akashic Reading & unique Soul Song. Amma will specifically address areas of your life that you need to know more about. Accessing and re-cognizing the root of current set-backs and subconscious patterns. She is excited to share universal keys to unlocking your highest potential & the abundance that awaits. Assisting one to shift their vibration to a personally & collectively beneficial state of freedom & integrity.


    This reading will include a full spectrum look at your soul’s purpose here on Earth. This Akashic Records reading will help you access your soul’s divine blue print. I will use song line chants and receive messages from the Divine Mother to create high vibration energy for self-activation and connection to source. It also includes practical information to help you to live the life you deserve.


    $222 for 1.5hr

    Cosmic Sophia Awakening

    Sacred Sacrament & Sound Alchemy Ceremony

    Private session $333

    Depending on amount of time in your journey

    1.5-2 hours $333 if in small group of 5 people’s $222 each


    Activation, Ceremony & Integration


    Opening ceremony invoking ancestors, guides and divine direct consciousness. Followed by cleansing flower bath ritual to prepare & cleanse for ceremony.


    Shamanic tracking and intention setting for session. Serving sacred sacrament and sound activation includes herbal water purification with grounding sacred tobacco smoke cleansing closing ritual. A specific ritual to seal and integrate your aura after expansion.


    Grounding and care instructions for integration.

    Amma Sophia will track the progress of your journey and hold on going prayers in Dreamtime for 30-45 days after session.

    To access her all you need to do is turn on music she provides and wear all white, light a candle and say Amma Sophia Rose 3 times.

    This connects you to the Divine Mother energy.

    Amma (Divine Mother) Sophia (Wisdom) Rose 🌹(Love)


    This session includes a follow up counseling session on Skype or phone, and periodic email or messenger check in’s to make sure you have integrated the energy.


    Aftercare call available to help with integration.

    • References to other integration specialist to help further support your path into self mastery.
    • 2 Music CD downloads by Amma Sophia to use for integration & meditation.
    • 7 Ray Activation download a 7 week meditation Activation to support and integrate your journey.

    This is a guideline to give you an idea what to anticipate in session.

    Customised Private Retreats

    Intensive Training with Amma

    Would you like to experience an immersive training with Amma Sophia? Spend a day training with a modern Medicine Woman & Master Sound Alchemist with plenty of 1-on-1 time to learn & activate your Lightbody. Individual or private groups.

    - Half Day

    - Full Day

    Inquire for details & rates