• 7 Ray Activation


    Rainbow Light Body Activation Sonic Alchemy DNA Upgrade - Meditative Shamanic Sound Journey Series $99


    Recalibrate, realign with your High Selfpower and purpose. Transmuting density from emotional, physical and energetic levels. Clearing the conduit for harmonious Diamond Lightcode and New Earth embodiment.

    7 Sonic Activations from the Seven Rays of the Sisterhood of Light of the Ancient Rainbow Grandmother & Stellar Iluminata Crystal Skull who is a Rainbow Lightbody Activator.

    Vocal Alchemy Online Series


    Awakening the Sonic Dreamer - Reality Weaving - Vocal Expression Workshop - 3 Part Series - 6hr Total - now $111


    Learn profound practices to honour your body temple and unlock your voice of True Expression. Release ancestral blocks from the lineage being carried in the Womb. Activate your voice and sacred seat of Creativity and embodiment. Dance and meditate through movement. Create shamanic tools for personal ceremony. Remember how to hear the voice of your Body Wisdom.

  • Studio Music

  • Vocal Alchemy & Awakening

    Awakening the Sonic Dreamer

    3-part video series - 6hr total

    was $222 now $111


    Learn profound personal techniques from Amma Sophia Rose in her unique web video series, guiding you through practical tools to open your voice, aligned in your heart consciousness. So you can speak your Truth from a conscious space based on clear inner knowing called gnosis. Embody the power of frequency and how to utilize it to transform your relationships. As we explore what is hidden in your emotions and subconscious, we find where boundaries have been weak or non-existent. Learning to create a safe space to retrieve lost soul pieces and ability to feel your full Yes and No.

  • Sonic Bowl Alchemy

    Monatomic Etherium Activated Chrystal Singing Bowls

    ~ Diamond Light Encoded ~