• The original Sonic Love Alchemy Vision Quest & Facilitator Training

    with Amma Sophia Rose 15 Years Worldwide Experience


    Bali, Indonesia

    May 23- J une 3 2019

    (5 Day Vision Quest or Full 12 Day Facilitator Training)


    Hawaii, USA


    May 23rd - June 3rd, 2019

    Earlybird Closed

    5 Day Vision Quest $1222 / Full 12 Day Training $2444

    Have you dreamed of using your passion, creativity & expression to create & sustain your dreams? Let's learn on the land with Gaia as we weave sacred sound, voice, dance, breath & shamanic wisdoms to activate awakening and empowerment for yourself and others! Nestled in a beautiful paradise, this is your call to join Amma Sophia in her 2019 Sonic Love Alchemy™ Vision Quest & Facilitator Training. From the lineage of the Rose, Sophian traditions of the Goddess & timeless Indigenous Shamanic Ways ~ Learn how to sonically facilitate Soul Awakening ~ Activating the healer in yourself & others. Learning to be a conduit of truth & passionate creative soul expression!

    -Learn how to facilitate Shamanic Journey into Dreamtime

    -Open the Channels to be a clear conduit for your Divine

    -Connect with Sophia mythos & indigenous dream weaving

    -Learn how to facilitate Sonic Love Alchemy

    -Learn how to access the Akashic Records

    -How to unlock & express your Soul Songs

    -Vocal Alchemy Awakening and Training

    -Craft Shamanic tools & instruments

    -Align your voice with Nature

    -Embody your Sovereignty

    & much much more magic!


    This is the full experience. Exploring in a sacred alchemical container of growth & clarity in a sacred jungle valley ~ connecting to our Shamanic Nature ~ exploring dimensions of our voices & rythmns ~ creating space for energy to rise & transform ~ Amma Sophia teaches how to facilitate as a Sonic Love Alchemist ~ The depth of the teachings can be applied to all areas of life ~ Amma Sophia teaches in a way that reaches cellular levels, a DNA Activation. Less from the mind and more from the heart! Each journey is unique and unfolds just as the constellation of souls requires.


    Together cleansing and nourishing with the Sacred waterfall and fresh spring water!



    *Food, Accommodation & Travel Not Included *

  • What to expect?

    *Deepening the Gaia Connection
    *Shamanic Journey into Dreamtime
    *Medicine Soul Songs for individuals and groups
    *Opening and Balancing the Energy Body with sound & light with movement meditations and dance.

    *Using Sound to Activate Self Healing for the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies.
    *Soul Reveal (Going deep into Transparency and self reflection)
    *Vocal Alchemy (Voice Training)
    *Ceremonies with the 5 elements
    *Rainbow Alchemy of the Andara Crystals
    *Learn to create Altars and Sacred Space
    *How to be a Shamanic Practitioner
    *Working with plant, animal and crystal totems and talismans
    *Reading the Akashic Records
    *Facilitating Sound Circles for groups
    *Speaking the Language of Light
    *The Art of Listening
    *Tantra of Sacred Sound and life
    *and much much more!


    More info...

    Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime Training to

    cleanse, clear, purify and activate the True Self through the tools and modalities of Sonic Love Alchemy™

    • Breathwork and Breathing Modalities
    • Sound Alchemy Sessions - to Activate and Open the Voice•​
    • Sacred Dance•​
    • Soul Reveal Exercises•​
    • Cacao Ceremony & Facilitation•​
    • Sacred Tea - Blue Lotus Ceremony
    • Sacred Site Ceremonies
    • Sophology Teachings
    • Learning to access the Akashic Records
    • Learning to facilitate Sonic Alchemy & Breathwork
    • Learning to facilitate Sonic Circles
    • Satsangs and Integration
    • Supplies for crafting ceremonial tools
    • Tools for daily awareness and transformation

    Learn the tools of the trade - begin the journey to becoming a spaceholder for others in the journey of Shamanic Awakening:

    Cost is $2444


    Located in a Sacred Jungle Valley

    Nestled in a jungle valley with hiking, waterfall, organic vegetarian food & sacred spring water to fuel the adventures. We deep dive in to the embrace of Mother Earth. Disconnecting from the bustle of technology, cleansing on all levels.


    Journey to the sacred waterfall! Home to a beautiful village of indigenous caretakers, cultivating the lands & honouring the ancestors and spirit of the Land. This sacred valley is home to cleansing waters and many beautiful mythos.

  • Reserve Your Spot 2019!

    Training includes:

    • Sacred Site Ceremonies
    • Sonic Love Alchemy & Sophology Teachings
    • Learning to access the Akashic Records
    • Learning to facilitate Sonic Alchemy & Breathwork
    • Learning to facilitate Shamanic Sonic Sound Circles
    • Satsangs & Integration
    • Supplies for crafting sacred ceremonial tools
    • Tools for daily awareness and transformation

    Not Included:

    • Airfare to Bali or Thailand
    • Bike/Scooter Rental
    • Accommodation in Bali or Thailand (est. $25USD/night - Villas nestled in fresh air jungle, clear energy with spring river flowing down the valley) 
    • Food (Bali $25USD/day = Fresh Organic Food Breakfast, Lunch served with tea/coffee/kombucha/coconut water or fresh fruit juice from Local Sustainable Catering prepared with Love!)

    Fresh Local Organic

    Bali - $25USD/day = Fresh Organic Food Breakfast & Lunch served with tea/coffee/kombucha/coconut water or fresh fruit juice

    from Local Sustainable Catering

    prepared with Love!

  • What is Sonic Love Alchemy?

    When we connect to Mother Gaia and the Cosmos. The matriarchal and indigenous traditions have known for many lifetimes how to co- create with the ancestors and the spirits of the Earth, by connecting to the cosmos through sacred song line chants, breath and movement. Our ancestors teach us of our oneness with creation and that we must embody our own divinity before we can become ambassadors of love on the planet. As we open our chakras and connect with Mother Gaia Sophia, she sings and plays through us, sharing all we need to know to live a balanced and harmonious life.


    Sonic Love Alchemy uses modalities of conscious connection - light language, sound, breath and movement - to take lower vibrational frequencies into a higher state of consciousness. This awakens a connection in you to your higher self. The Rose represents the lineage of the Goddess and the female principle within us all, both male and female. It represents Love, our connection to the heart and the nurturance of all existence. As we become loving, heart centered, conscious co-creators of earth, we begin to care for the future generations of our planet and create a life of sustainability.


    How can this course benefit you in your everyday life?

    This course teaches many different tools to be a living embodiment of pure light. You will activate your rainbow light body and become directly connected with your divine source through daily practices. These will help you raise your vibration and become a true Alchemist of spirit. You will spend time connecting with nature and learning rituals and ceremonies to help this become established. You will also learn ways to clear your own lineage as you become super conscious, aware of your own energy field and how to become a conduit of pure divine love. You will face the depth of your soul and begin to awaken to the truth and your Divinity and Alchemical abilities in conscious awareness. This will vibrate so deeply within you that you will be able to transmit this wisdom and frequency to others.


    The land of Bali is an island of sacred awareness where the people pay homage to the Gods through continual ritual and prayer. All daily life is considered sacred, especially the connection to the spirit world. As we travel to Temples and explore our voice, we clear our chakras to become pure channels for the divine to flow through us in a conscious awakened state, allowing us to access our codes of light and soul purpose. We also learn to play with the magic of daily Alchemy. You will have the opportunity to work with the Balinese High Priestess as well as awaken your own healing gifts. The element of water is very present and you will learn to access your fire and water energy to ground into the earth to bring forth your mission of life purpose.


    *Bali Vision Quest is a 5 day deep dive into Sonic Alchemy the Shamanic way of the Goddess this is a personal transformation retreat. Anyone is welcome to join no experience needed. On this journey you will experience a 5 day Shamanic Vision Quest exploring the land of Kauai and Sonic Alchemy. Amma Sophia with hold sacred space for deep retreat (to go within). Opening the heart so you may shine your fullest life and activate the divine flow. We will journey living the way of the heart.


    *Sonic Alchemy Training is an additional 5 days focusing on how to become a Sonic Alchemy Facilitator and lead groups, private sessions and Akashic Records Readings. During this 5 days you will gain the format for helping people dive deep into Sonic Alchemy from the Linage of the Sophia using Vibrational Sound Healing and Ceremony of the 5 elements.


    Our play with intention will include a journey through the 5 elements Earth, Air, Wind, Water and Fire visiting sacred sites and holding sacred ceremonies. We will journey as a tribe opening our voices and connecting to the land, serving her as we receive her divine messages and guidance. You will learn how to call on the spirits and ancestors using your voice and the language of light, along with with indigenous instruments to open the portals of love and Alchemy for activation self and others.


    Retreats include:

    • Sacred Site Ceremonies
    • Learning to Access the Akashic Records
    • Learning to facilitate Sonic Alchemy and Transformational Breathwork
    • Learning to facilitate Sonic Circles
    • Satsangs and integration
    • Tools for daily awareness and transformation

    Not Included:

    • Airfare
    • Accommodation (est. $20USD/night - Villas nestled in fresh air jungle, clear energy with spring river flowing down the valley) 
    • Food ($20USD/day = Fresh Organic Food (on Bali Retreat) Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner served with tea/coffee/kombucha/coconut water or fresh fruit juice from Local Sustainable Catering prepared with Love!)

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