✧EARLY BIRD✧ Sonic Love Alchemy™ 15-Day Vision Quest & Facilitator Training | March 4th to 18th
2,222.00 - 2,555.00
This is the full 15-Day Training in Koh Phangan Thailand 2020! Get the Early Bird until 01/11/20!

-Learn how to facilitate Shamanic Journey into Dreamtime.
-Open your channels to be a clear conduit for your Divine.
-Learn how to facilitate Sonic Love Alchemy
-Learn how to access the Akashic Records
-How to unlock & express your Soul Songs
-Connect with Sophia mythos & indigenous dream weaving
-Vocal Alchemy Awakening and Training
-Craft Shamanic tools & instruments
-Align your voice with Nature
-Embody your Sovereignty
& much much more magic!
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