• About Sonic Love Alchemy!

    The Story is Unfolding

    The Revolution is Calling


    There is Revolution, Evolution & Involution ~ the outer world is a reflection of the inner world! For change, we must ascend internally! Our thoughts, actions, vibration & quality of frequency. Amma Sophia Rose & the international Sonic Love Alchemy™ Team bring you revolutionary transmissions and tools to unlock & trust your Divine Calling, to accept your responsibility (the ability to respond) & inherent genius!


    Learn how to reclaim sovereignty, creative abundance and spiritual gifts.


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    Divine Union Within


    Together, we release painful paradigms of the patriarchal system. Recognising the chrysalis of evolution. Transcending the duality of Dogma.


    Embarking of the Cosmic Mythos of Gaia on her evolutionary journey, Expressing creative wisdom & remembrance. Guiding us to find our unique & authentic connection & expression of creativity.

    Master Alchemical Being

    Expression - transparency - devotion

    Amma Sophia Rose is an embodied Sonic Alchemist. Transmuting and clearing the depths of humanity's shadow reality of SRA & Mind Programming Projects. She now embodies a sovereign, transcendent life of abundant Beauty, Love & Truth


    A life of pure Bhakti brings her joy sharing powerful teachings and Prophetic Revelations that seamlessly unite ancient and modern wisdoms. She offers Diamond Light Transmissions of the universal Cosmic Sophia frequency.

    The Rainbow Warriors

    Expression - transparency - devotion

    Activating an energetic movement of international alchemists, embodied creators, artists, musicians, dreamers & teachers who are Re-Membering the


    Codes of Remembrance,

    Indigenous Prophecies

    & Universal Love


    Sonic Love Alchemy™ devotes a system of

    practical, universal keys to unlock

    your Dream Life & World

    as Conscious Creators

    As this old Veil lifts

    in the Eternal


  • Modern Day Sophia

    Awakening through Sonic Love Alchemy™

    Amma Sophia Rose Lineage of the Rose High Sonic Priestess

    Amma Sophia Rose

    Wisdom Keeper SOPHOLOGY and The Cosmology of the Ancient Rose Lineage of the Goddess

    As a young child Amma Sophia was born into the darkness of human consciousness experiencing the density of the separation through ritual abuse. At the age of 5 she was awakened by the the Mother Goddess Sophia appearing in a ritual and showing her the power of the voice and the alchemy of this density through the wisdom of the womb and the heart. She was shown how to open the portals of the heavens beyond the Lords of Karma and reincarnation. To free the souls into the arms of the Mother Goddess beyond the illusions. She saw the gateway to the eternal creator. This at the age of 5 was the the birthing of the Sonic Midwife within her which would be a life long journey into remembering of this ancient wisdom of the Goddess and the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. Due to suppression and the hidden abuse Amma fell asleep and began to forget who she was. But, the Gnosis knowing always protected and guided her by the voice of Gaia Sophia, Growing up as a child she lived two lives the life in the seen and the suffering in the darkness of the shadows of the night. Experiencing mind control and deep trauma activated PTSD. She experience the fall into modern day Babylon and the molestation and rapes continued until the age of 12 where she took on the Dark Lilith to survive. She began to take control of her sexual power and learned how to use the power of her sexuality to survive. At the age of 28 a journey began which was brought on by deep depression and the constant desire to commit suicide.

    Amma Sophia Rose Crystal Skull Keeper Obsidian Mirror Toltec Wisdom Embody Divine Feminine Awakening Womb Priestess

    Journey of Initiation

    At age 28 when she followed her Spirit to sacred sites around the Earth

    With trust of her intuition and faith in the universe, she was lead to Master Teachers, Sacred Sites, Mystics, and Healers around the world, who activated the many gifts she has incorporated into her offerings of love. These experiences in conjunction with the soul activations of Mother Gaia Sophia, awakened the inner Goddess to reveal her soul's calling. It was through the powerful process of self love and acceptance that she was able to reclaim the lifetimes of soul memory, standing in the “I AM” presence of her life’s purpose as a Sonic Alchemist.

    The gift of her voice was given to her through direct transmission from the Beloved Sophia. Never having the ability to sing before, it was no less than a miracle when the divine intonations of the Dove, Shekina Sophia sang through her on Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ. Sophia is a gifted reader of the Akashic Records and specializes in Sonic Rose Alchemy, Soul Essence Readings and Akashic Clearing. Her psychic abilities are astounding and intuitive. She embraces her shamanic nature integrating both the shadow and the light. She embodies the essence of a true alchemist with a gift for piercing through the veils of illusion. Her passion for dance, sacred breath, music, poetry, and vibrational activation enable her to act as a divine conduit of universal love.

    Amma Sophia Rose Vocal Awakening

    She Recognizes You..

    as a Master in your own right

    And a divine Artist and architect of your reality. She will hold you in this light of awareness until you can consciously embody it and recognize a deep sense of believe in yourself and trust in your own inner Gnosis (Wisdom) Each Master Teacher she encountered was a reflection of this truth within her. And knows it is all with you and ready to be activated. She shares the lineage of the Codes of Light, Transmissions of the Rose and Gnostic Traditions of Sophia to activate and awaken the hearts and minds of humanity to work in unity to bring peace, harmony, love and light to our planet. And just as she was blessed with the Sophia Light Codes she has activated thousands of people world wide with these transmissions awakening the voices, hearts and creative centers of others just like yourself.

    Heaven on Earth

    Lineage of The Sophia

    Since the Dawn of time sound has been the universal creative life force dreaming this reality into being. Sound and Light is what we are made of in this multi-verse expressing it's creative self in form. As we see our selves as vibratory beings connected to the Mother Gaia Sophia, her elements and the cosmos our Heavenly Father we become the bridge of creator consciousness. As children of the Dawn the illuminated creation of source expressing itself as existence in the density of Matter. Or Divine Mother. Our creation Mythos has been lost for thousands of years and repressed keeping us in a state of fight or flight. Through the power of Sound Alchemy we create sacred space to discover and witness the patterns and programs held in the akashic field and create the opportunity for conscious correction of misguided beliefs implanted by the psyche of dogmas created to keep us within the limited collective consciousness of humanity. At this time in our reality we have the opportunity to remember and to awaken as a planetary collective. Which is needed now more than ever a harmonization of our being back into union with our creation Mother or Matter.

    Sonic Love Alchemy

    Sophology / Study of EaRTH wisdom

    Sonic Love Alchemy is based on aligning our frequency to the heart to harmonize and bring into balance right relationship with all of nature and the well being of all beings on this earth and beyond. This modality is also a way to create a Divine connection to your Gnosis or inner wisdom. To explore your creative nature from a place of trust based on your knowing of who you are and the value of your inner connection to source. As we all begin to align with our innocence and the creative expression we begin to see we are the artist and architect of the physical plane. Our intuitive and paranormal abilities begin to awaken as a by-product of our natural nature which has been suppressed and unexpressed. Through these Mystic teaching of the Gnostic traditions of the Sophia, we begin to create a remembrance to the ancient Mythos and creation story of our Divine Origins of empowerment and responsibility as co-creators of this existence. And ultimately we begin to recognize we are everything and nothing at all. As we merge with creation we see how we can live the beauty way of life. Singing, dancing and reuniting with our source together as one.

  • Sonic Love Alchemists

    Facilitators & Sound Healers

    Amma Sophia Rose

    Sonic Love Alchemy™ Matriarch


    Bringing forth the sacred frequencies of Gaia Sophia. She is a living transmission of Divine Wisdom of Cosmic and Earthly Mother. A sacred sound weaver of Sonoluminessence. Transmitting Teachings of Mu, Eternal Dove Frequencies of Creation Cycles and the Rose Lineage of Divine Feminine Womb Mysteries. She is a keeper of the Ancient Teachings of the Dream Time. Embodying the divine love & play of the Hummingbird and shamanic alchemy of Jaguar Woman.

    Samantha Dawson

    Shamanic Love Alchemist

    Canada & Hawaii

    Samantha is a co-creative apprentice, digital alchemist & multidimensional space holder. Her heart ablaze, creating rainbow bridges as a Whirling Rainbow Prophecy Keeper & story weaver. Digital Web Design and various creative projects. Reclaiming Shamanic Arts for the next generations.